Sustainability And Solutions Of Food

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Sustainability on food Today, the contemporary world is riddled with several developing, uncertainties with the food security. World population is growing faster, by researching world population by 2050 it will reach 9 billion people on this Earth. Food requirement is expected at over 70% of current levels. Sustainability is important for the food because, it is achieving the level against price rising prices of food, included climate change because climate change is also a huge problem for farmers. Sustainability is important for food and people should never waste food. There are so many problems for the sustainability and solutions to sustain food for the future generations. There are many problems like food crisis, wastage of food, shortage of food and price rising, I will be writing about those problems and solutions that can help solve the problems. The first, most important problem in the sustaining food is a food crisis and world hunger, because prices are rising every year and problems for farmers and everyone. There are many farmers who operate in a globalized world. In their efforts, to contribute more to sustain the food, they also go through several challenges to secure the future of their farms and living. Farmers are having many problems due to global warming, flood disaster or no rain at all. Because of those natural disasters farmers are having a grueling time growing foods like, grains, maize, and other vegetables. In the result, this kind of problems
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