Sustainability And Sustainability Within The 21st Century

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Sustainability is one of the main keys to success for corporate companies in the 21st century. Research has shown that companies that successfully maintain sustainability within their companies usually have long-term success over companies that have not achieved sustainability within the company. One reason that sustainability is important for companies to have is because by addressing it can improve operational efficiency and also lower many costs. Another reason why that the concept of sustainability is important is because it merges social, environmental, political and ethical issues that can be detrimental to a company internally and externally, if they are not handled in an appropriate manner and incorporated into company policies or follow policies already in place. In order to avoid these problems from occurring or if they do occur they will not be detrimental and cause huge problems that cannot be fixed for a company, sustainability is very important to have in place already or strive to achieve. Sustainability drives companies to develop specific goals to address those social, environmental, political and legal issues. Importantly having the proper sustainability within a company can hopefully address all those issues altogether. A lot of companies are starting to take the proper steps in order to achieve sustainability. For example in order to achieve environmental sustainability companies are creating initiatives that target how to improve climate protection,…
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