Sustainability And The Current Global Development Model

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“Resilient People, Resilient planet” is a report that was released by the United Nations Panel on Global sustainability in January 2012, which encourages sustainable actions. Moreover, this report advises people to use their human rights to pursue sustainability and encourages governments to take the proper initiatives to resolve current day issues. Currently, social issues such as, poverty, deforestation, global hunger, and climate changes are all leading factors of our failing environment. This report along with other sources portray sustainability as a social solution involving human rights and social justice by encouraging people and their governments to pursue a political and social lifestyle influenced by sustainable choices. One…show more content…
“ (264) This quote describes the difficulties and flaws in our current model by predicting the growth of our needs in 2030 and its relationship with social problems. Rebuilding our global development model is a very important concern but by empowering people to make sustainable choices we can also achieve sustainability. Sustainable development is fundamentally an option for the people to influence their future by revolutionizing their lifestyles. Democratic governance allows its people to use their human rights to implement their decisions and ideas within society. By implementing our sustainable lifestyles within our human rights we can establish and develop new democratic governance that focuses on sustainable choices. The report supports this by stating, “Democratic governance and full respect for human rights are key prerequisites for empowering people to make sustainable choices.” (264) This quote elucidates the affiliation between human rights and sustainable choices, which can lead to prominent developments in sustainability. Moreover, people should be active in the development of a sustainable future by encouraging others to pursue sustainability. Sustainability does not have to be implemented in the form government; it can also be encouraged in everyday choices through local communities. In the report it states, “At the same time, local communities must be encouraged to participate actively
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