Sustainability And The World's Ecology

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While Sustainability and the world 's ecology are a well-known topic in most countries these days we are nonetheless a long way from achieving the measures of progress needed to gain a big difference to the universe. There are many factors that contribute to this lack of progress, such as low government funding or personal struggles with financial issues that prevent the use of more sustainable options and a generational gap of knowledge and education. These are some of the contributors to the limitations of education on this subject that will be looked at more in-depth further on. Benefits to ecological education now and into the future are that it aids to create critical thinking and empathy towards our surroundings. It gives thought to…show more content…
When you book a plane ticket they call for you to pay more money to help render the trip more sustainable, but why would you do that as its cheaper not to pay that extra money, things like this should be the contrary of what they are and you would discover more people willing to be sustainable if it is not costing them extra. This is where government funding should be stepping up helping the average person realize the modification. Schools call for funding to make sustainability an everyday function not just a topic they learn in a schoolroom. Their whole environment needs a makeover to replicate how we want our sustainable world to look, edible gardens need to be carried out so the children have a responsibility to care for and produce food for themselves, recycled and reused resources should be the foremost to be chosen, it necessitates to be second nature and easily accessible for schools to be ecologically literate and while we accept these limitations stopping us making this outcome we cannot truly go ahead. In the Australian Curriculum the cross curriculum priority is sustainability, however there is a vastly restricted depiction of unequivocal explanation of training that will ensue in the specified national objective of effective, educated people who work for
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