Sustainability: For Our Dear Future Essay

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Sustainability is quite simple: Everything that we need in order to survive solely depends on our natural environment. Earth is our home and no one should have a problem with taking care of their home. But the fact that everyone doesn’t see it that way causes problems such as air pollution and water pollution which leads to bigger problems like human health therefore the environment has everything to do with human health. Sustainability creates and maintains quality conditions for humans and nature so we can all live in peace and harmony, whether it’s a social concern, an economic concern or any other concern; sustainability meets the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing future generations. Sustainability is vital to our…show more content…
“Sustainable cities look for ways to improve their infrastructures to become more environmentally friendly, increase the quality of the life for their residents, and cut costs simultaneously” (Matt Cole). The inevitable growth of urbanization is among us, but with the capabilities of sustainable cities we counter the effects. Urbanization is often misinterpreted; its not so much of a problem as it may seem after all it is a simply a solution to sustainability. Urbanization has done its deed for national economies, uplifted people’s well-being, reduced poverty and promoted sustainable development, although it also brings serious challenges in many countries. Urbanization has intense effects on the ecology of a region along while it diminishes the importance of rural areas when it comes to political power. Living in a rural area provides less job opportunities, and farming is one of the major forms of income in rural areas. Despite the unpredictability of nature, environmental factors such as rain and drought, lead to fluctuates income. The slightest change in the local source of revenue, such as agriculture and small-scale industry cause migration to modern industry and urban related business. Lack of space in rural areas due to a growing population also leads to urbanization. On top of that, the standard of living is difficult to improve; therefore, families decide to relocate into urban
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