Sustainability For Sustainability : A Variety Of Academic Fields And Disciplines

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Introduction As you know, nowadays, different definitions exist for sustainability in a variety of academic fields and disciplines. What seems to characterize many of these definitions of sustainability is the recognition that the future is important to consider. (Holmberg,1992). Perhaps the most common and well-used definition comes from the Brundtland Commission, which defines sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. URL1 Increasingly, urban scholars, planners, developers, investors are expected to address sustainability issues in building and urban design projects. To achieve the aims of sustainability in urban scale, however, urban design must adapt and improve the processes by putting it in a practical manner. Since, this process is multidimensional and complicated; we need gradually program and organization to achieve our goals. Hence, strategic planning with its planned nature can be the best way to help and achieve our sustainability goals. When we come to think about the nature of each issue, positive and negative characteristics of it can be taken into consideration. But, in my point of view the positive characteristics of strategic planning prevails its negative ones.
As we live in globalization era, different characteristics of urban forms, urban spaces, characteristics of urban design and Etc. are impacted. These characteristics…
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