Sustainability Initiatives A Demonstration Of Corporate Social Responsibility And Should Corporations Be Financially Responsible For The Environmental Disturbances

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What are the cost benefits for corporations leading sustainable efforts in their communities and should corporations be financially responsible for the environmental disturbances that they cause, be it directly or inadvertently? More specifically are the efforts of Wal-Mart to implement sustainability initiatives a demonstration of corporate social responsibility or just greenwashing? Relevant to these questions we hypothesis that despite the multitude of efforts that are resulting in some groundbreaking policies for an Oligopoly such as this, that the fact that they still source, manufacture and distribute products in a manner that is unsustainable which makes these collective efforts an example of “social” greenwashing. Investopedia…show more content…
Is this truly a serious initiative for Walmart to use their size for good or is this just greenwashing? Since their CSR plan announcement Walmart has been making progress towards achieving those goals but many don’t think it’s enough or realistically sustainable for the long run. Walmart has received backlash for their slow adoption of renewable energy, it’s cheap products, and it’s little progress on their sustainability index (Gunther, M., 2011). One of Wal-mart 's initiatives intended to address some of their inimical externalities is to convert to 100% renewable energy to power their stores. An article published in 2011 stated that Walmart was powered by only 2% of renewable energy and the ILSR came out with a report stating less than 2% of renewable energy powers Walmart stores. People were not impressed with this minimal progress and pointed out that other companies like Starbucks and Kohls use more renewable energy than Walmart. It was also pointed out that Wal-mart is a huge multinational corporation and that a process like this will take time, especially if they 're trying to avoid raising their costs, which in turn would not benefit the customers. However, in 2013 it was reported that Wal Mart 's 10,800 stores are powered by 21% of renewable energy, which is a decent amount of growth from
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