Sustainability Of Coca Cola Company

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Introduction: The Coca-Cola Company was created in Atlanta, Georgia, in the year 1886. The company is considered to be number one non-alcoholic beverage company in the world. It is leading in marketing, distributing an manufacturing its product which is the concentrate and syrup. Both the concentrate and syrup are sold to bottling companies for final product and packaging to consumers. Coca-Cola company has a wide range of products of about 500 different beverage brands around the world. In the early 1920 the company started its path of globalization, and now operating in more than 200 countries. Together with the bottling companies Coca-Cola has created the best production and distribution system worldwide. The employees are very involved…show more content…
The sustainability also works in alliance with the companies mission of refreshing the world, creating moments of happiness, creating value and making a difference. The leadership of the company is focused on the so called ‘Three Ws’: women, water and well being. The company is striving to work together with their partners, government agencies, universities and others. The company is trying to enable empowerment of 5 million women by 2020. Also they are working in the direction of balancing the water they use on beverages by 2020, by returning to communities and nature the amount of water equal to the amount used on producing the beverages. And they have already made a difference returning 68% of the water in 2013. As for well-being they want the customers to be informed and choose their preferred drink, by providing a greater variety of reduced or no calorie beverages. They also try supporting physical activity programs in each of the markets they operate. The sustainability framework of the Coca-Cola Company is what they call ‘Me, We, World’. Me stands for increasing personal well being like, offering low or no calorie drinks, providing transparent nutrition information and supporting physical activity. We stands for building stronger communities like, empowering women, comply with norms and standards and charity contribution. And finally World stands for protecting the environment like, water, climate protection, packaging and sustainable
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