Sustainability Or Sustainable Development And Sustainability Design

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The essay topic I will be looking into in detail is “Sustainability has become central to modern life and often causes controversy. Choose an artefact that could be defined as sustainable and analyse it, considering its functional, ethical and aesthetic characteristics”. The reason for choosing this topic is to consider the damaged done to the environment, ecosystem and wildlife to do what we as the public wants in our daily life. The research will explore new ways of manufacturing, producing energy and reducing the carbon prints of sourcing out materials as well the recycling processes of the product. Including the ethical, moral and social aspect of the processes and products. To have a clear understanding of this essay topic we need to…show more content…
The major difference between sustainability and sustainable design is the ability of a designer to design a product to be classified as a sustainable design and which also complies with the rules that guide the environmental, economic and social impact of the product. If we are to deal effectively with the many contemporary issues of environmental degradation and social inequality of the resources and benefits of society, we are going to have to rethink our notions of our materialism culture, especially in the economically developed countries. The power to change the way we design, manufacture our products, recycle and market it falls on the designers. Potentially, designers can make a significant contribution to this undertake by developing possible solutions that challenge precedents and demonstrate alternative possibilities. But to achieve this according to Stuart walker we will need to change design education and design practice and develop new understandings of product aesthetics and our notions of what can be called a 'good ' design. Stuart Walker went on to say, depending on whether we like it or not, within the discipline of industrial or product design industry, there is a major emphasis on product appearance, in both professional practice and design education, and it is this engrossment that, in many ways, renders Products aesthetics hollow and superficial. A designed product that gave the perfect response to this
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