Sustainability Position Paper : Natural Resources And Technology

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Sustainability Position Paper Natural resources and Technology Sarah Manzoor AB975 Introduction Sustainability has normally been defined as how biological systems remain diverse and productive (What is sustainability and why is it important?, 2016). However, in today’s world it refers to the need to develop methods for the earth to survive. We live in a developed world where natural resources as being consumed very fast and this is something that needs to change. Sustainability is also about thinking what the long term effects of our actions will have in the coming future. The mains goals of sustainability are: to end poverty, improve healthcare, increase education and develop economic growth. This essay will discuss natural resources and overpopulation and how they will affect the coming future. Natural Resources and Sustainability Natural resources are raw materials that occur naturally on Earth. These resources are not manmade, they are used and altered into a way that is beneficial for the survival of our planet. A few examples of natural resources are: air, coal, oil, minerals, water etc. Natural resources are being used for economic and social growth. However, today natural resources are being consumed very fast and this is beginning to cause long-term damage. One reason for the extensive use of natural resources is the rapid growth of population. Sustainability is required if the planet is to maintain a large human population in the future. Developed countries in
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