Sustainability, Protection And The Preservation Of The Environment Essay

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As we look back upon history, we have considered our planet to have a never ending supply of resources that humans need in order to satisfy their needs and wants. However, if you look at the world recently, humans have started to realize that these resources aren’t unlimited and have started thinking about sustainability, protection and the preservation of the environment. Looking at the limited supply of natural resources and the increasing utilization due to the growing population and consumption, if we do not come up with a solution to this global environmental crisis, the over depletion of resources will be ongoing which will jeopardize the standard of living for future generations. Natural calamities, droughts, decreasing clean water supply, air pollution, and increasing global temperatures will all continue unless we start taking action immediately. For example, smog that was caused by air pollution in China led to water contamination for natives in China which led to wild life disruption with oil spills (Black,2007). According to theorists in the readings, development and underdevelopment are both caused by environmental situations. Economic development and environment issues are interrelated issues that need to be looked at together and that development processes degrade the environment which eventually can undermine economic development (WCED, 1987:3). Sustainability stipulates the situations under which individuals and environment can survive efficiently as a
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