Sustainability Report For Gorilla Health Bars Pty Ltd And At The Same Time Provide Recommendations For Future Considerations

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Student Name: Ali Alfaifi
ID: 17655159

Executive summary
Come up with sustainability solution and strategies to Gorilla Health Bars Pty Ltd and at the same time provide recommendations for future considerations.
Scope of investigation
Access relevant information from available number of sources, the company itself and other learning materials.
Analyze all learning resources and academic journals with the sole purpose of finding sustainable solutions to the company’s current problems.
Present a range of sustainable solutions to the manager for consideration
Right away, initiate adoption of adequate sustainable strategies.
Conclusions and recommendations
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Finding and discussions
Sustainability approach to the problem
1. Communication of the high need of sustainability goals to all members of the company, Everyone needs to understand and be committed to ensuring that the same is met.
2. The company should take small and very smart initial changes. Achieving sustainability will not be a walk in the park. As a result, they should initiate a small change in initial stages that will not cost much but have an immense effect.
3. Renovate the warehouse and include ventilation system on the roof that will regulate temperature. With the issue of rise and falling of temperature handled, the electric bill will consequently drop massively.
4. Dig a borehole. Since the company is in a rural place, the can decide to dig a long term borehole that will address the high usage of water used in the production of goods.
5. Chain up with suppliers to be bringing the raw materials to the company premises. Business is about doing transaction in the right way that sees one spending minimum costs. Since the different raw materials are in separate places, the company should come up with an agreement of the suppliers to be bringing the raw material to the company.
Can be costly to the comp any.
Results will be realized after some times.
It may mean hiring more employees that the company had not planned for.
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