Sustainability Revolution : Earth, The Plant We Call Home

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Sustainability Revolution: Earth, the plant we call home, is a complex system made of interdependent parts and pieces of life that are constantly changing. Earth’s planetary system has maintained a balance of dynamic equilibrium—it has been sustainable— since its beginnings about 4.5 billion years ago. This balance, however, has been progressively disrupted by us—humans— especially during the last few decades. Mother Nature has provided us with natural resources and the habitat for all species to sustain life on our planet earth. These resources, however, are finite, but have the ability to regenerate within a certain time horizon that extends well beyond our lifetimes. Since the industrial revolution, we have maintained a belief that…show more content…
The sustainability revolution evolved as a reaction to the industrial Revolution’s degradation of our environment and depletion of resources. Insights gained from the course: The four sessions on sustainability during the two weekends have given me a deep insight into what sustainability is all about, and the responsibilities organizations and individuals have, in their capacities, to preserve what Nature has given us, and pass them on to our next generation. I have understood that the Sustainability study involves the transformation of our civilization toward a regenerative system that promotes healthy and stable ecosystems, consumes natural resources no faster than they can replenish, releases toxic pollutants into our habitat no faster than they can be absorbed, fosters healthy and cohesive habitats that can coexist and continue long time in the future. Sustainability initiatives work to change the world by changing our activities in our personal and professional lives to achieve these objectives. The most important insight I have gained is that the Sustainability Revolution is a collection of values centered on healthy ecosystems, economic activities, and social justice. So far, my exposure to Sustainability initiatives was primarily limited to conserving resources, and being conscious of pollution. However, from the intensive focus we have had on this topic during the last few weeks and from further readings on this subject, I have learned
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