Sustainability Should Be The Goal With Halcon Under The Firm 's Mission

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Sustainability should be the goal with Halcon under the firm’s mission to provide an unparalleled safe transportation system. A solid source strategy with effective and efficient support exchange will secure Halcon’s sustainability. The supply process within a source strategy creates the ability to meet requirements needed for each project design throughout the firm forming a cross-functional system that is sustainable. A complex cross-functional system contains an outsourcing of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) activities with Halcon. The following essay will demonstrate areas of improvements with the supply process by identifying spend types, identifying capabilities of global business, integrated distributions strategies,…show more content…
A source strategy begins with identifying the types of spending based on the needs of Halcon to satisfy customer expectation. Halcon understands the needs of the customers. The customers of Halcon are looking for effective and efficient transportation with quality level performance with MRO. Halcon uses a buy approach for management of MRO. Halcon consolidates the maintenance and repair departments to decrease spending with efficient speed on quality work utilizing lean techniques. The operation department is separated from other department functions because of the complex function. VMI, ERP, and Practical Knowledge are the spending types by Halcon. The specific spending types can improve Halcon operation through the selection of the right materials, quantity, time, place, source, and service that fulfill the goal of Halcon cross-functional operations like oil changes, tire rotation, washing, window repairs, damage repairs from accidents. The operation department has its own staffing to aid the authority and responsibilities of Halcon. Needs of the customer and Halcon are important when identifying sources for improved productivity of the organizations. For example, the source for the maintenance and repair departs with Halcon are local, regional, and national. The shops are individual owners and corporately managed using MRP and consignment. Locations for Halcon’s outsourcing are close to
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