Sustainability Strategic Principles Of 3M Management

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1.1 Company Background

3M is an American multinational conglomerate which was previously known as Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company. It has more than 55,000 products to offer which includes abrasives, adhesives, laminates, medical products, optical films, car-care products. The products of the company can be purchased from the retailer, distributer or directly online from the company. The company has operations in about 70 countries and is known for its constant innovation in its product range.

3M basically is a science based company which is renowned for its innovation . It was founded in 1902 in a small town in Minnesota called “Two Harbors”. The company claims that almost one-half of world’s population uses at least one of the 3M
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Social Responsibility: Making key stake holders in dialogue and engaging them to take action to improve 3M’s sustainable performance.

Economic Success: Making long lasting customer relationship model by effectively providing practical, differentiated & ingenious solutions to their sustainability challenges

Environmental Stewardship: To give effective solutions to address environmental challenges for ourselves as well as customers.

The organization structure at 3M was designed to support innovation. Among the many features, three elements were critical: organizational role to support innovation, research & development laboratories & small size of every business unit. They had a global matrix structure with technical functions cutting across the business division being focused on particular markets.
3M at a Glance (Year-end 2014)
• Global Sales: $30.8 billion.
• Operations in more than 70 countries.
• 3M products sold in nearly 200 countries.
1.2 3M India
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The business models of 3M in India are very unique. They are country specific rather than global centers like many other multinationals.

1.3 3M Businesses in India

Manufacturing & Industry

This unit of 3M help manufacturers in improving their business through innovative products & services. Because of a global network structure , 3M is able to fulfil the needs of local as well as multinational customers. Some of the major & well recognized products of 3M of this division are Abrasives, 3M Adhesives & Tapes, 3M™ VHB™ Tapes, 3M™ Purification, Dyneon™ Fluoro polymers.

Figure 1 Product Portfolio
Consumer & Office

3M have always lays emphasis on making innovative products for the office. One of the well renowned product in this category is the Post-it® brand -- notes, flags, easel pads. With more than 1,000 Post-it® products being sold in more than 100 countries, 3M is the undisputed leader in office products. These products from 3M have been simplifying life at home with an objective of keeping you organized at

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