Sustainability Strategy for Heavy-Duty Diesel in Wilimington

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Especially given the large amount of goods movement that initiates in Wilmington; there is great potential to reduce the environmental impact of this industry through the improvement of heavy-duty diesel operations. Maintaining a focus on the overall goods movement will promote improved air quality, and therefore improved quality of life for the residents of this neighborhood.
The use of cleaner fuels and alternative energy (e.g. natural gas, biomethane, electric fuel-cell, etc.), replacing older vehicles and equipment, maintaining and repairing engines, and installing diesel retrofits all provide viable options that would ensure cleaner goods movement operations, and thusly reduce the impact on the environment and the community. Beyond improving the equipment and vehicles that rely on diesel, implementing outreach and awareness campaigns and workforce development training programs have the potential to significantly improve goods movement operations in Wilmington. These strategies could potentially target businesses, companies, fleet operators, and local government entities responsible for regulating these industries. Particular effort could be placed on making…
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