Sustainability and Food

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Sustainability and Food Table of Contents Page No 1. Introduction 2 2. Objectives 2 3. Ecological balance 3 4.1 Animal welfare 3 4.2 Vegetarianism 4 4.3 Over-fishing 5 4. Food miles 5 4.1 Carbon label 6 5. Future research 7 6. Conclusion 8 7. References 8 Sustainability and Food 1. Introduction The global food crisis is looming large and food situation in the world is becoming precarious. Providing food for millions in the poor countries of Asia and Africa has become a challenge. Apart from the droughts and floods caused by deforestation and global warming, converting the…show more content…
Apart from humanitarian considerations, well being of the farm animals is very important for sustainable food security. 3.2 Vegetarianism Vegetarianism is a way of living expounded in a philosophical and religious background grounded on peaceful coexistence of all the living organisms on the earth, consequent upon the emergence of agrarian movement in human culture, has Indian and Greek origin. Subsistence on fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts including eggs according to some sections of this category is predominantly against slaughter of animals, and based on ethical as well as religous considerations. This concept has been revived in the recent years mainly not only on health, ethical and environmental but also on economic considerations. Intensive animal production through cattle and poultry farms is also attributed to environmental pollution and use of resources such as land, water and fossil fuels is making it environmentally unsustainable. However, a balanced approach to the issue with ecological perspective is essential considering the dependence of overwhelming population of the world on animals for food. 3.3 Over-fishing Intensive fishing by the use of mechanized fishing vessels has escalated the threat to the existence of the other river and seaborne species as well. This has also affected the livelihood of fishermen due to depletion in the marine resources near the
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