Sustainability and Global Warming

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As we all know about global warming ,water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution , we all have some idea about these issues but no one really care about it. Many businesses such as paint manufacturer or fertilisers organisations do unethical practices to enhance their profits without realising the damage they are doing to the world. Before studying this course I was not really aware of the consequences of unethical business practices or may be I did not pay much attention to it. But as I studied this course I discovered that sustainability is a big issue and to overcome this problem many of us need to change our life style, which no one would want to do.
I was born in Pakistan, it is a developing country and we are also facing a lot of problems related to the environment such as polluted water, smoke pollution, and ruthless cutting of trees etc. My life style in Pakistan was very different as I have right now because I was not aware of the issue of sustainability. I used to buy whatever I want; I used to buy stuff that I don’t really need. I also used to change my mobile phone after every 4 months as I thought mobile phones can be recycled But I was wrong as my lecturer told us in class that not every part of mobile phone is recycled , there are some parts which cannot be recycled totally thus creating more waste for the planet. Only 90% percent of material from mobile phone can be recycled rest 10%…

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