Sustainability in Houpitality Education

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Hospitality Research Project
Part A: Research Proposal

Sustainability in Hospitality Education * A Case Study -

Supervisor: David Proctor

Stenden Hogeschool
International Hotel Management
The Netherlands

Fei Fei Wang & Anjani de Graaf
Stenden University of Applied Scienes, Leeuwarden 20-Jan-‘12

Declaration of personal work

1. This work is composed by us.
2. This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or diploma, by me or anyone else.
3. The work of which this is a record is done wholly by us.
4. All verbatim extracts have been distinguished by quotation marks and the sources of our information have been
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Research has shown that in the United States the topic of sustainability does not receive much attention in hospitality management programs (Barber et al., 2011). Furthermore, in the history of hospitality and tourism management, it has not necessarily been considered that companies in this industry were major contributors to the environmental sustainability of the world (Deale, Nichols, & Jacques, 2009).
This all brings us to Stenden University of Applied Science, The Netherlands, where International Hospitality Management (IHM) students receive sustainability education and have the opportunity to apply it in practice.

Rationale – The purpose of the study
In this case study students of Stenden University of Applied Science will be studied to determine the extent to which they perceive to understand the content been taught with regard to sustainability; the content of education in which concepts, topics, and practices of sustainability are included.
Furthermore, this case study engages in the aim of contributing to a better understanding of the knowledge and attitude of sustainability that IHM students already have, or should have during their study program in order to enhance their consciousness for implementing sustainability in the hospitality industry.
Sustainability can be considered as the balanced collaboration between populations reaching to express its full potential without negatively disturbing the carrying capability that it depends on
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