Sustainability in Mauritius

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Sustainable Mauritius
Brundtland report (1987) has defined the term sustainable development as the development that meets the needs for the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs
Sustainable development and planning is structured essentially around 3 elements: economic growth, social development and environmental protection.
While development is associated with social development, it is also associated with environmental disasters if the development is not well planned.
In 1992, following the international conference in Rio de Janeiro, a number of guiding principles were established on action that countries could take to achieve sustainable development (Agenda,21)
Based on these guiding
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Get the family to eat together to avoid reheating of food several times
Avoid letting your pet stray around and and causing nuisance to the neighbourhood
Use of already printed old papers as rough paper
Avoid throwing your litter everywhere – make use of a bin
Close your bin properly to avoid mosquitoes, pests and rodents
Plant a tree in your garden to provide shade and embellishment

On the streets do not litter on the street. Use a bin do not spit everywhere on the streets do not throw food on the pavement
If possible, walk or ride a bike – do not use a car
Throw the bus tickets in bins. Do not throw in the bus or on the street.
At school
Avoid wall scribbling
Keeps all classrooms’ walls clean
Use bins in classrooms and school premises
Enhance school premises with local plants, shrubs & trees
Learn to respect plants – do not unnecessarily break branches and leaves
Encourage the public to discover Mauritius’ natural and cultural heritage – visit museum, nature park or historic site

At the sea-side do not light fire under
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