Sustainability in Organizations

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This paper is an essay about literature review on the topic of change and sustainability in organizations relating to technology, innovation, leadership and human sustainability. The basis of my review is through the use of various journal articles.
Change is one of the aspects that organizations are faced with almost on a daily basis. Organizations are forced to adapt to it for them to be successful in the industry this is because there are constant changes in the environment. Changes that organizations and companies adopt include downsizing, flattening structures, upgrading their technology, re-engineering or even choose to go global. Although change is a never ending process, many organizations are faced with the
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This will ensure that the risk of the process of change and culture being misunderstood is eliminated before the implementation of the new changes. . An example of a strategy to be adopted is where there is an integrated consultation with the employees and an approach that would require the participation of the employee from the beginning of the organizational changes and not during the implementation stage only this strategy will enable employees to view the change as an enhancement of their skills and also their experience of working rather than view it as a processes that simply intensifies their workload (Gollan 2000; Millward, Bryson and Forth 2000;Terry 1999). Therefore organizations should realize the great importance of employee satisfaction and commitment in the achievement of better efficiency and production. To do this they need to develop integrated employee consultation in career development programs for their employees, organizational change, life and work policies.
Change also occurs in the form of new governance and leadership which is emerging to facilitate the sustainability of organizations and corporate. This is as a result of the increased interdependencies between the organizations, governance and adaptable systems that are complex. (Cummings and Christopher, 2004) which pose
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