Sustainability of a Brand During Rapid Global Expansion

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Strategic Marketing Case Analysis

Banyan Tree: Sustainability of a Brand
During Rapid Global Expansion


Prof. Julie H. Yu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
February 2011

A project by:

Keevin Wong
Ian Leung
Daniel Lam
Ada Leung
Enoch Ma
Anna Laura Riemann

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1 1.1 Company Background 1 1.2 S-T-P Strategy 2 1.2.1 Segmentation 2 1.2.2 Targeting 3 1.2.3 Positioning 3 1.3 Success Factors 4 1.3.1 Strong Brand Recognition 4 1.3.2 Integrated Capabilities 4 1.3.3 Triangular Business Scope 5 1.3.4 Experienced and Multi-disciplinary Management 5
2. Decision Situation 6
3. Proposed Alternatives 7 3.1 Banyan Tree Flagship
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The company would like to associate the brand with customers’ memorable experience by providing unique experiences to the customers. Besides, Banyan Tree embedded CSR into the company’s values in order to add even more value to the brand. The associative value provides an emotional attachment between the brand and the customers which offers the brand a unique position inducing customers’ loyalty and supporting the company’s premium pricing.

1.3 Success Factors
Banyan Tree’s success across diverse markets rests on some fundamentals.

1.3.1 Strong Brand Recognition
Positioned in the very niche market, the aspirational brand philosophy of Banyan Tree supports its premium pricing. The Banyan Tree brand is highly recognized and appreciated. By the end of 2006, the hotel has received 260 awards and accolades. Selective awards received in 2006 are categorized and listed below:

1.3.2 Integrated Capabilities
Banyan Tree focuses on customers’ total experience. Thus it provides comprehensive and integrated services. This business scope enables the company to create new products, bring them to market quickly and manage costs well. The triangular scope on the next page embraces the business operations of Banyan Tree.
1.3.3 Triangular Business Scope 1. Hotels - Hotel investment: investment in resorts and hotels for ownership interest - Hotel management: management of the resorts and
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