Sustainable Agriculture Is Important Industry All Over The Globe Essay

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We often forget where our food comes from and how much time and energy goes into what we eat. Our awareness doesn’t stray far from grocery stores and their orderly aisles of products ready for consumption. With this ease of availability, It’s hard for most to imagine the lengthy process that goes into something like a simple sandwich. On a larger scale, agriculture is an important industry all over the globe. And the effects it has on the environment and consumers are seen everywhere from inefficient water usage, harmful herbicides, soil nutrient depletion, to deforestation and harmful or unregulated produce, which is why sustainable agriculture is so important. It makes senses for us as customers to understand the effects our food industry has, because whether or not you’ve stepped foot in a field, your money is the driving impact on which farms and their techniques will continue or cease.

Sustainable agriculture is the process of increasing yields without depleting resources or harming the environment. As the world population quickly grows, the need for better farm management becomes a global concern. From a small vegetable garden or a rice farm all the way too large industry producers, agriculture is everywhere as are the people that require it. Agronomy counts for a large portion of our human consumption and directly impacts our resources and environment. Considering we all need food and a thriving planet, improving management of agriculture with efficiency and green
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