Sustainable Agriculture : Sustainable Agricultural Farming

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Sustainable Agriculture
Agriculture in the United States has changed dramatically over the centuries. Since the 1960’s large commercial farms have been leading in sales. As a direct result of their success we, as a society, have access to affordable food. However, the success of large farms has lead to many negative impacts such as increased usage of resources and decreased diversity in crop fields. This begs the question, what can be done to reduce the negative impacts of large farms. One solution growing in popularity is sustainable agriculture. The idea of sustainable agriculture is to create farms that need little to no outside help from irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers. Sustainability can be achieved in many way through practices like crop rotations, renewable energy sources, and diversifying crops grown. Although sustainable agriculture is not economical in the short term, it will lead to decreased resource usage, an increase in crop diversity, and long term economic stability. Resource Usage
Sustainable agricultural practices lead to a decreased usage of resources. The exploits of modern farms have led to the increased use of water, pesticides, and fertilizer. One way farms have gone about increasing crop yields is by using pesticides. Pests have always been a problem for farmers however, the increased use of pesticides has led to more resistant pests and more susceptible crops. According to Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, farmers are forcing…
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