Sustainable Aviation And Its Impact On The Environment

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Sustainable aviation in not achievable

This essay is about sustainable aviation which is going to clarify the meaning of sustainability and arguing that in some cases the idea of sustainability is unachievable and in some cases is achievable. Sustainability is about environmentally friendly, corporate responsibility. Aviation is an increasingly important form of transport, providing very important mode of connections to both passenger and cargos.(Tony2005)aviation is part of sustainable transport but these are all linked together, with most of the companies trying to change them, sustainability’’ has arisen from ecology and the study of ecosystem’’ . Flying got may benefits and also supports the economy and jobs, taking people on holiday to see different people and different cultures . however it also has got lots of problems for those people living around airports and it is a beg and also growing contribution to climate change . it also explains how sustainable aviation has an effect on the environment, the economy an social factors. Few people would like a world without the responsibility of air travel. (Upham1996)
While this is an unlikely view , a world of unlimited air travel is likely to be equally unacceptable. Different areas and people the disadvantages of additional air capacity will outweigh the advantages. As the aviation industry keeps growing, people worry more about sustainable aviation. The price of fuel keeps going up but people still travel.
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