Sustainable Aviation

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Sustainable Aviation

Critically evaluate the research that maintains ‘efforts to achieve a more sustainable aviation industry represent nothing more than simple tokenism’.

This essay will evaluate the different approaches by airlines which show they are carrying out various procedures to show that airlines approach to sustainability is not a simple 'tokenism', sustainable aviation is a reality; this essay will look into these factors and demonstrate the different strategies which the aviation industry are putting in place to be a more sustainable industry.

The Brundtland Report (1987) identifies sustainability as 5 different things; Holistic planning, one should have a right to be involved in any planning; Ecological processes
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Furthermore, the Airbus A380, when it was initially allowed to be landed at Gatwick, Patel, S. (2010) stated the CEO of Gatwick commented that the Airbus A380 was an up to date aircraft which used less fuel per passenger than recent aircrafts. Due to Airbuses positive environmental initiations with their aircrafts, in 2010, according to Heathrow Skyport (2010) Hawaiian Airlines increased its Airbus orders for the A330 and the A350; the A330 as it specially boasts of producing low emissions and noise. There are various visible developments being made by various companies such as Airbus and Boeing which are working towards creating more environmentally friendly aircrafts.

In addition, according to Heathrow Skyport (2011), in July 2011 Finnair operated the first longest commercial biofuel flight in the world, from Amsterdam to Helsinki. Finnair used fuel which was made from recycled vegetable oil which was a mixture of 50% biofuel and 50% ordinary aviation fuel; this cuts down emissions by 50%. Also, BA (2003:333) indicates that a lot has been done on their behalf to reduce emissions, one of their changes being the
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