Sustainable Business Success From Ecological, Social, And Economic Growth

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There are many ways to obtain sustainable business success from ecological, social to sustainable economic growth. Many corporations have become more concerned with greater social responsibility. High sustainable companies have stronger convictions in governance structure in regards to the environmental, social and financial aspects of sustainability (Eccles, Ioannou & Serafeim, 2012). Understanding how to have success and sustainability may pay off in the long run of a company. Societal concern for sustainability has grown over the last few decades as leaders of major corporations have been tasked with meeting expectations of a broad range of shareholders while providing a return on profits (Eccles et al., 2012). Economic structures and policies of a business set the stage for operations (Santa-Barbara Family Foundation, 2003). Impacts from these operations can affect the environment, workers and economic well-being of the company and their future. Common sense tells us, to preserve our future we must invest in ways that protect, conserve, renew and regenerate our natural resources to allow our economy to be sustainable over time (Ikerd, 2006). Business acumen tells us this may not be economically feasible for a company to be ecologically and socially sustainable at the same time, citing the inability to compete on the world scale if they are forced to operate under rules that ensure ecological and social integrity (Ikerd, 2006). Creating a culture of sustainability
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