Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable Cities – A Focus on Gurgaon By Annet Serena Eric, Jyothish Jacob, Rahul Buddala, Rejith Ravindran, Robin Rajan Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon TABLE OF CONTENTS A BRIEF HISTORY OF GURGAON ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND HVAC WATER – FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT ENERGY EFFICIENT TRANSPORT REFERENCES 2 3 12 18 24 27 1 GURGAON – A BRIEF HISTORY The name of this town emerged on the world map in 1972, when world fame Maruti Industry was set up in Gurgaon with the collaboration of Suzuki Company of Japan. Now with the coming up of multinational companies like Hero Honda Motor, Honda Motors Limited, Denso etc. in automobile sector and Microsoft, I.B.M. Nokia, Canon, DuPont, Sapient, British…show more content…
Along with electricity and water, district cooling constitute a new form of energy service. District cooling is measured in refrigeration ton which is equivalent to 12000 BTU's per hour. Refrigeration Ton is the unit measure for the amount of heat removed. Refrigeration Ton is defined as the heat absorbed by one ton of ice (2000 pounds) causing it to melt completely by the end of one day (24 hours). District cooling systems can replace any type of air conditioning system, but primarily compete with air-cooled reciprocating chiller systems serving large buildings which consume large amounts of electricity. This air-conditioning system is subject to a difficult operating environment, including extreme heat, saline humidity and windborne sand. Over time, performance, efficiency and 3 reliability suffer, leading to significant maintenance costs and ultimately to equipment replacement. The process involves the following.      A central plant chills water A primary water circuit then distributes the chilled water to customers' buildings through an underground insulated pipes network A secondary water circuit in the customers' building circulates the cold water Air is then forced past the cold water tubing to produce an A/C environment The warmer water of the primary circuit is returned to the central plant to be re-chilled and recycled Benefits of District Cooling It will have capital savings from avoided investment in building
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