Sustainable Concrete Technology

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1. Behavior of concrete and cement systems
2. Durability performance of Concrete
3. Sustainability Of Construction

What’s good about concrete?

• Strong
• Potentially Durable
• Cheap
• Availability
• Can be made on site
• Can easily be shaped
• Can work as composites with reinforcing materials to overcome its low tensile strength
• Use of admixtures can alter the properties
• Lightweight What is the role of cement in concrete?

• Bonds the constituents together
• Affects the transport of fluids
• Generates heat during the settling and hardening processes
• Creates an alkaline environment
• Provides the “workability window”

Environmental Impact Of Concrete’s Manufacture And Use

To deliver a sustainable built environment, concrete plays a crucial part in performance of the structure’s durability, robustness, fire-resistance, thermal mass, acoustic performance, and flood resilience. It is now days recognized and utilized by various design teams in the delivery of different sustainable projects. (Centre, 2011) Figure-

Life-cycle environmental impact:
It is vital to select materials based on their environmental standings. E.g.-Low carbon footprint

There is a wide range of environmental and social consequences due to the manufacture of concrete, some of which are harmful whereas some are tolerable…
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