Sustainable Construction Essay

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"Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs."
-- United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development


The construction industry has been notorious for contributing to landfills and depleting raw materials. The industry contributes
28% of landfill material from construction and demolition waste. The industry consumes 40% of the world's natural resources, many of which may be depleted within 50 years.

Sustainable construction is concerned with preserving finite resources of raw materials by developing products and practices that are environmentally friendly in respect to their
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Wood products and byproducts can be ground into a base fibrous material. This fibrous material can then be combined with other substances to make fiberboard, structural laminated beams, or insulation material. For example, Faswall is a product consisting of 90% wood fibers (mill waste) and 10% Portland Cement. Faswall is similar to drywall, but the insulating qualities of Faswall are much higher than that of drywall. Therefore, Faswall is more energy efficient.

-Reduces energy consumption. Embodied energy is the total energy required in manufacturing a product from the point of extraction or harvest of the raw material through deconstruction at the end of the product life. Recycling materials reduces the total energy required to manufacture a product because it does not require harvesting or extraction from the Earth. For example, recycling steel and aluminum reduces the amount of energy required for manufacture by 50% and 95% respectively. -Subsidy. Many recycling companies pay for the material. Therefore, the cost of demolition will decrease (or, although unlikely, make a profit). This alternative to contributing material to a landfill makes good business
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