Sustainable Construction Of Sustainable Building

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Sustainable building
As concerns of climate change and global warming rises, reducing the impact on environment and human health have became the priorities to consider before the construction of buildings. Therefore, the concept of sustainable building (also known as green building, green construction)was brought up, aiming to create structures which is environmentally responsible and source-efficient during its lifespan. [1] Compared to conventional buildings, sustainable buildings are advantageous from many aspects, such as durability, comfort, security, productivity and economy.
During the construction of sustainable building, the use of renewable energy can be a significant issue. Compared to conventional energy, renewable energy can benefit from many aspects.
By utilization of renewable energy , more nature resources can be conserved and restored, such as solar power, wind ,biomass, etc. The renewable generate much less or even no pollution to the nature environment. For example, a solar powered air conditioning system generate no HCFCs, CFs released by conventional air conditioning, causing depletion to ozone layer. Due to less energy consumed, the operating cost can be reduced efficiently. Furthermore, occupant comfort and health will be improved with a green and livable living/working place.
In next section, a building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) would be introduced systematically, which make a good utilization of solar power in sustainable
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