Sustainable Construction

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Assessor Name: Paul | Learner Name: Abubakr Mohammed

Assessor Name: Paul

Sustainable Construction

Learner Name: Abubakr

Table of Contents

Task 1 (P1)
Six features of the natural environment that suffer as a result of bad practice………..….

Task 2 (P2) 4 different forms of global pollution arising from construction projects

Task 3 (P3)
4 different forms of global pollution arising from construction projects....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 7
Task 4 (M1) potential environmental impact of a proposed on the natural environment.

Task 5 (D1) the importance of addressing environmental issues
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Removal of soil vegetative cover should be kept at minimum and should only be carried out if necessary. The development of the landscape and planting of trees and vegetative cover should be carried out after construction work. To avoid oil contaminant into water bodies, a system for the proper collection and disposal of lubricants at both site and maintenance depot should be maintained. In the absence of a sewage system, septic tanks or pit latrines should be located far away from ground water aquifers. The constant monitoring of ground and surface water quality should be maintained.
Loss of Soil Resources
Loss of Soil Resources, Erosion and Sedimentation Construction activities and aggregates mining at the quarry and borrow areas will have negative impacts on soil resources due to the removal of topsoil and other layers of the soil causing loss 16 of vegetation cover and soil erosion. Additionally, sedimentation of the eroded soil can occur if the eroded soil is carried into nearby water bodies.
Land use and Topography
Changes in Land Use and Topography the implementation of the project has the potential to change the topography of the land on which the facilities are constructed and may also disrupt the natural drainage of the area and surrounding areas to the site. This is because the construction of the facilities includes cut and fill earthworks. The cut and fill
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