Sustainable Development Of Green Logistics

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Based on sustainable development of green logistics in China and the countermeasures (2007), China is especially vulnerable to climate change due to its complex climatic conditions, a fragile ecological environment, a massive population and frequent natural disasters. Insufficient per ca-pita resources and very sharp contradictions between development and environment force China to further develop a cycling economy. Green logistics is an important tool for sustainable development. However, logistics in China is in its infant period. Hence, there are some problems, for example, immediate economic benefits to the enterprise and ecological and social benefits faced, which results in negative environmental issues in China. It is worth noting that there is a need for the sustainable logistics system inhibiting cause harmful to the environment while forming a modern logistics system that can promote economic. There must be a combination of sustainable development and logistics applying the principles of sustainability in green logistics. Nevertheless, there are still many people who are not aware of green logistics and even suspect the necessity of establishment of green logistics. This essay aims to introduce the basic theory of green logistics in China, analysis of the development situation of green logistics in China, countermeasures, suggestions for implementation of green logistics in China as well as the future of Chinese enterprise 's logistics development in charting a
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