Sustainable Development

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Sustainable what? Sustainable development can be defined in many ways; the one that I prefer to use is that of the Brundtland Commission: "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."(1) Along those lines, many Governments around the world strive to minimize the pollution impact over our most valuable resource, the Earth. Additionally, lobbyists have spent thousands of hours encouraging legislators to enact laws to protect the environment, and so far we have gotten some results. But I think we can do even more; the next question: What? And the answer is very simple: changing the culture. From the Capitol Hill I have read in many newspapers how…show more content…
Once I finished with that part, I submerged in the creation of some novel technique to reduce the impact of the rest of the pollutants outside the wastewater treatment plant. The company's owners are mainly concerned with "profit maximization" so I needed to be creative enough to attract them toward the idea of getting benefits helping at the same time to preserve the environment. I conceived a plan that allowed not only reducing water in almost every single process, but also reducing the pollutant emissions to almost zero. This plan had three essential accomplishments: • The amount of "new" water to use was really low (reducing consumption from external sources) • The pollutants emission was almost zero (Protecting the final destination of the treatment plant effluent) • The reuse of water and salt (making the plant more efficient) Hopefully you can see that both profit and environment protection could get along very well in my experience (of course it is not always the case). I made the owners aware of their pollution degree, the idea was not only to pay the fine required by law; their responsibility with the community is far beyond that, and I gave them a proposal that could fit my environmental request and could beneficially affect them. It is just a little step, but I am happy to have changed their minds. Not always everything flows so well, and many times the cost of a safe environment is very high for the
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