Sustainable Efforts for Innovation-Lego

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1. Introduction
LEGO is a combination of the Danish words “leg” and “godt”, meaning “play well”.
As their name and ideal, Lego has been beloved by the children as well as the parents for decades. Not only as plastic toy bricks, but also effective educational tools, the LEGO Company enjoyed continuous growth and broaden the global brand value. The LEGO brand moved to third place in 2002/2003 with only Coca-cola and Kellogg having greater respect among families with children. Even though as the overall toy market faces challenges, LEGO’s revenue and profits are increasing rapidly, especially since 2005. This profitability didn’t change even in the current recession in the global market. The LEGO Group achieved record-breaking profits in
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In addition to this restructuring, innovative management under new leadership began creating positive synergies in 2005.
1) Collaborating with Customer Communities
In spring 2012, MIT Sloan Management Review had an article about the lessons from the LEGO Group, regarding collaborating with customer communities. The authors explained how the LEGO user communities emerged and how management’s involvement with user groups has evolved and the core principles that LEGO has formulated for successful interaction with its user groups. This article let us explore the answer for an ongoing question to many organizations; how can companies collaborate effectively with their customers? By February 2012, there were more than 150 known user groups, with over 100,000 active adult fans worldwide. In 2005, LEGO created the Ambassador Program to provide a fast and direct way for the company and its pans to get into contract with each other. Representatives, drawn from across the community of LEO user groups, provide a fast and direct way for LEGO managers to get in contact with adult fans. The program has provided considerable value to both sides. Not only do fans inject energy and ideas, but in some cases they help refocus products. For example, after the innovative communication with one of the users who participated on the development team and was in the business

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