Sustainable Energy: A Sustainable Life for Everyone Essay

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Today’s society encourages us to change our lifestyles and become more environmentally friendly. There are numerous theories and facts about global warming and one of those is to increase the use of renewable energy sources. There is unprecedented interest in renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy. Renewable energy sources provide electricity without giving rise to carbon dioxide emission (World Nuclear Association). It is impossible to convert to these sources completely, however there are things that we can do as individuals and as communities to be more environmentally friendly .
As humans advance in technology, the amount of fossil fuels burned is increased at a rapid rate. This is an issue because with this increasing rate, the Earth is becoming polluted at an increased rate as well . This pollution is becoming very relevant due to the fact that we, as humans, are allowing it to destroy different life forms and terrains that earth has to offer and most importantly, the ozone layer. An alternative option to this issue has been brought up all around in the science world, this option being that humans use the natural resources that we have around us, such as, water, wind, and the sun. This option is a double win because it will allow less pollution and let humans use less of the fossil fuels that have a limited supply of . There are many different ideas that scientist have come up with for these alternative options, but three main options stick out and those…