Sustainable Energy And The Hot Air

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Earvin P Eugene 11/29/15 Sustainable Energy – Without The Hot Air What is sustainable energy and how does it affect us? Sustainable energy is defined as resources, which present the needs of a society without damaging the ability of future generations to gain those same needs. Most sources of sustainable energy are renewable and non-exhaustible. Some examples of renewable energy sources are solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal. “Sustainable Energy – Without The Hot Air” by David J.C. Mackay focused on the current dependency on fossil fuels today, which is not sustainable. In fact, the majority of developed countries solely burn fossil fuels as their source of energy. There are three main factors why this is bad. First, the quantity of fossil fuels are not infinite, eventually reserves will be depleted. Second, it is proven that burning fossil fuels influences climate change and global warming. Third, in the case of Britain and many other countries, which depend on fossil fuels when they are depleted, will then depend on other countries for energy. The cost and trade will be unfavorable for many developed countries. Instead of being dependent on fossil fuels they will be dependent on other countries. The first part of the literature is organized to view a broad scope of the utilization of energy in many ways and understanding the pollution involved by numbers. For example, there is a drastic rise of carbon dioxide production since the
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