Sustainable Fashion Essay

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One of the most heavily discussed topics, in this last decade, is the environmental decay of our planet. Diverse concepts have materialized in order to find solutions for the problem. Ecology and sustainable growth have been confirmed to be the main solutions currently. Innovations for sustainable growth include: creation of hybrid cars, recycling and minor discharge of carbon dioxide in factories among others (Christ 23). Environmental awareness was also introduced to the world of fashion, unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful; lately there has been a change of situation and that is what we are going to attempt to understand. For almost twenty years now, people have been relying on fast fashion, a fairly new notion, which…show more content…
The fact that it is possible to treat the clothes for them to simply not be able to receive dirt is eco friendly on long term because that means we wouldn’t need to wash the clothes as much but then those same clothes cannot be recycled and that is not eco friendly––Is it better to keep clothes as they are and waste more energy or to treat them but not recycle them after use? It is a dilemma.
Finding an exact definition for the terms “sustainable fashion”. “Green”, “Eco fashion” to a name a few, is close to impossible. We all have the impression everyone understands it the same way but it is false, it has different meanings for all of us.
The word sustainability itself implies some sort of length, in the sense that something can last long, it also. Here are some of the definitions people have of sustainable fashion: “Quality items that stand the test of time – it is this concept of sustainability, symbolized by a timeless handbag that you wear again and again, and can pass on, that I am always thinking of when I design.” Says Frida Gianni
Accessories are a very important part of fashion and should be considered so a good example for this definition of sustainable would be the Hermes’ Birkin bag.
The Birkin bag is a highly exclusive handmade bag from France; it is very expensive because of its exclusivity but also because of how it is constructed and the materials
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