Sustainable Fashion

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English for Academic Study New edition Writing Course Book Anne Pallant Book map Unit 1 Introduction­to­academic­ writing No source text Unit­essay (Reflective questionnaire) Skills­and­­ language­focus ■ Reflecting on the process of academic writing 2 Sustainable­energy­ 2a Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use (1) 2b Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use (2) How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively? Getting started: Planning an essay ■ Writing a first draft of an essay ■ Peer evaluation of a first draft ■ Incorporating sources ■ Writing introductions ■ 3 The­business­of­science 3a Stop selling out science to commerce 3b Is business bad for…show more content…
Structure­of­the­course ■ ■ ■ ■ Unit­structure: There are eight units in the book. Each unit explores and/or recycles certain key aspects of academic writing, such as organizing and supporting ideas, or writing in examinations. The development of the skills necessary to succeed in these key aspects occurs within the context of a specific topic area, such as sustainable energy and the business of science. You will have the opportunity to read texts on these and other topics in the accompanying EAS: Reading & Writing Source Book. Your writing in any unit will be based on the unit topic. The importance of the context reflects the reality of academic study, where students write about topics and issues within their chosen subject area, and the purpose of writing is directed by the context. Key­writing­skills:­These are explained where it is felt you need specific information on an area of writing. They usually appear at the end of a task, so that you can reflect on the skills, having done the task. Study­tips:­These are included for ease of reference when you are revising what you have studied. They either summarize the outcome of a series of activities, or are a summary of other information contained in the unit. Unit­summaries: Each unit is
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