Sustainable Future

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Sustainable future

In a world with an ever increasing population ways must be considered to maintain the current population and meet the demands of future population growth. The world population is estimated to hit 7 billion in the very near future. This is a startling contrast to the population of the 1800’s being estimated to be a paltry 1 billion. Increasing technology and over use of natural resources has led to a population boom. Many experts estimate that the world population will double again in 23 years. This increase in population only leads to an increase of disparity between the wealthy of developed countries to the rest of the developing world. The world not does have enough resources to sustain this kind of growth. That
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Food grown locally is as less distance to travel and directly leads to less loss of product due to travel delays or errors. The faster vital products get to the market such as produce means a cheaper product over all due to the consumer and producer not sharing the burden of paying for spoiled goods. The environment also has been greatly taxed in the transportation of these goods. The further a product has to travel to reach a consumer the more carbon emissions are released and the more resources are not efficiently used.

Lastly, a consumer can increase sustainability by reducing waste. If we examine the trash of an average consumer we would find the edible waste found was appalling. People have no desire to preserve or save in a world increasingly looking for instant gratifications Reducing consumer waste would save a enormous amount of resources that can be better utilized elsewhere. I have put together a list of tips to be used by consumers to reduce waste. The first thing that can be done is planning meals in advance. This can reduce waste a cut cost by reducing by preventing over spending and over consumption. A loss of shoppers tend to buy more than need to add a little bit of a safety gap to prevent there not being enough food to be served. The next thin to do is to stick to the planned list. This can be done by not going to the store hungry or buying food while a hurry. Always see
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