Sustainable Infrastructure Systems : Literature Review

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With the increasing development and advancement in technology, there is an exponential growth of pollution and harmful emissions. So, to preserve the natural resources and to overcome the energy crisis sustainable methods are used. Infrastructure plays a vital role in the future as there is a need to replace the existing roads. Therefore, sustainable infrastructure systems should be used to have potential benefit to environment, economy and the society. Sustainable systems includes the use of energy efficient heating and cooling systems in commercial buildings. Solar Photovoltaic systems can be used for the generation of power which can be replaced by non-renewable resources. Life cycle assessment of the windfarms and hydropower show a considerable reduction in the emissions of the carbon dioxide. Though there are developments in the above fields, there is no proper guidelines available for a sustainable system. Hence, the use of latest technology in civil engineering along with other fields can produce a better sustainable system. Sensor technology, intelligent system technology, Signal Processing, High performance computing and simulations can be used to achieve a sustainable infrastructure system. Sensor technology helps to ensure the health conditions of bridges and roads from a remote control station. Intelligent system technology used the ITS (Intelligent transportation system) that maximizes the utilization of…
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