Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Nigeria

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This report studies sustainable management of natural resources in Nigeria. This it does with the aim to determine the extent to which the exploration of natural resources is managed in our country from 1960 till date. Also, given recommendations in which the resources can be managed.

1.0 Introduction
Nigeria is one of those countries in Africa that is fairly rich with natural resources. For example Crude Oil, Coal, Iron, forest, farming, Fishing and so on. It is believed that natural resources development is one of the factors that help the country in some many areas like employment opportunities, economy and so on.
The concept of resource is human centered concept. In order for something to be considered as
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One fundamental premise for sustainable development is the recognition that environment and development are not exclusive of one another but are complementary and inter-dependent and in the long run man mutually reinforcing (Ahmad and Sanny 1987). This complexity explains the difficulty in operational zing the concept of sustainable Development. Yet there has been ever increasing demand on the limited forest resources and the carrying capably of the fragile forest ecosystem. Under the conditions of poverty for which Nigeria is known, the environment often exhibits the ravages of long years of mismanagement as illustrated by high rate of deforestation, overgrazing, desertification and endangering the forest species. In advanced countries, most forests are managed but in developing countries like Nigeria, relatively few forests are formally managed. Much timber production in Nigeria still comes from natural forest. The organized forest management is the Teak (tectona grandis) plantations in the South West which have been bastardized by the military administrators of these states in the 90s. Their impact favoured deforestation. This has generated public pressure to manage forests. With this pressure and with much timber production, forests are now in demand for other goods and services in fact, the goods of forest management are broadening. The
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