Sustainable Marketing

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Sustainable Marketing 2014 Md Mohshin Sarker ID#17970122 La Trobe University 4/9/2014 Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Sustainable Marketing: A perspective 2 3.0 Strategy to make Traditional & Sustainable marketing a success 2 3.1 Sustainable Product creation: 3 3.2 Sustainable Product Pricing: 3 3.3 Sustainable Product Promotion: 3 3.4 Sustainable product placing 4 4.0 Benefit of Sustainable Marketing: marketing & sustainability 4 5.0 Challenges: 4 6.0 Way forward: 5 1.0 Introduction Imagining a world where all the resources are abundance: we get what we want, we create, we consume, and we destroy. If we all want to utilize the resources equally with equal lifestyle, we would have required…show more content…
Now, let’s discuss the above 4Ps in light with Sustainability: 3.1 Sustainable Product creation: While bringing the product into the market the Marketers prime objective is to make the product successful one is to balance between cost Vs value creation. While producing product, the markers think of recyclability, carbon depletion, CFCs etc environmentally non-hazardous way of producing goods and services. 3.2 Sustainable Product Pricing: At the same time, while pricing the product, goods or services, it should keep in mind the business-consumer win-win prospect. Surveys have showed that customers are willing to pay higher price if they consider the product to be environmentally efficient (Charter et al. 2002, p. 24). Therefore, marketers can consider added price tag in various pricing strategy: they may encourage “cause based” pricing, efficiently sourcing and supply chain management, and discouraging the usage of the product by raising price or de-marketing such as cigarette. 3.3 Sustainable Product Promotion: Promotion also can play vital role in influencing
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