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Sustainable Business Operation in the Philippines Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc. In partial fulfilment of the course requirements in Management Accounting By: Ma. Isabel Lagunilla Hocson Submitted to : Dr. Marivic Manalo December 13, 2013 Sustainable Business Operation in the Philippines 2 I. Introduction Just last month, the country experienced the strongest typhoon to hit the Earth. No amount of preparation is enough to survive such wrath from Mother Nature. Before Yolanda hit the Philippines, a lot of typhoons passed the country. These typhoons left behind destructed homes and dead people as a result severe flooding brought about by non-segregation and throwing of trash anywhere. Illegal…show more content…
With EPIRA, NPC was asked to sell all its assets and privatize all contracts with IPPs and deregulate the generation sector. Part of the EPIRA law was to create an independent regulatory body to oversee the implementation of the law. Currently, EPIRA has successfully privatized more than 70% of the total capacity of generating assets of NPC in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Figure 2.1 Figure 2.2 Sustainable Business Operation in the Philippines 5 The biggest power producer in the country is the Aboitiz Power, based on the installed capacity of 3,246 MW accounting for 21% of total power sold to the grid. Other big names in the power and energy industry include the Lopez group, San Miguel group, and George Ty group. ( Even with the privatization scheme and partnerships with IPPs and DUs, pricing for electricity in the country is considered as one of the highest in the region. With the boom of the Philippine economy and the high GDP forecasts, more and more investors are coming in and as such, power is a commodity that is sure to increase demand. Currently, renewable energy is being pushed for development. In 2008, RA 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act was passed into law. The act aims to “ accelerate the exploration and development of renewable energy resources.. to achieve energy self-reliance.. to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and thereby minimize
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