Sustainable Pedagogical Document Analysis

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A sustainable pedagogy is one that provides educators with a common understanding about children, families and the environment and lays out foundational knowledge about how children learn as well as the goals and expectations for children in early years’ programs (Ontario, 2014).
There has been a lot of supportive feedback for the pedagogical document How does learning happen? because it provides educators with four foundations of learning: belonging, well-being, expression, and engagement (Ontario, 2014). These foundations are considered to be essential for optimal learning and development in the early years. I believe that the pedagogical document How does learning happen? is sustainable because it fosters personal growth and provides early
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This document examines the current research as well as the views from theorists such as Vygotsky who believe that play supports children in all areas of development (CMEC, 2012). When children are playing they are learning and discovering a great deal of information about their world. In the document it provides information about the scientific evidence supporting learning through play and the benefits that it has on brain development (CMEC, 2012). It has been proven that children will develop better social, emotional and cognitive skills when they are playing (CMEC, 2012). Through play children are able to make sense of their world and acquire and practice skills that they can use for their entire lives. In the document that the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada released it emphasizes the need for children to play and to be actively engaged in their environment (CMEC, 2012). This documents states that early childhood educators should plan and create play- based learning experiences for children (CMEC, 2012). I think it is important that early childhood educators recognize the importance in play based learning and provide children with experiences that encourage them to challenge and expand their own thinking and
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