Sustainable Style : How Sustainable Practices Can Benefit Everyone

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Sustainable Style: How Sustainable Practices Can Benefit Everyone Fashion tends to work in cycles, much like the technology industry: every designated cycle, a new innovation on a previous product or new reinvention is revealed to overshadow past generations. In fashion, rather than being met with a new smartphone every year, one is met with new collections twice a year: one for the fall and winter, and another for the spring and summer (i.e.- FW and SS). However, this cyclical behavior tends to reinforce a wasteful attitude towards products and textiles within fashion. For instance in 2010, despite the fact that almost all textiles are recyclable, Americans disposed of 13.1 million tons of textiles, and 11 million of those tons found their way into landfills (690). On top of this, in order to afford the massive amounts of resources required to maintain production, many companies still utilize unethical and controversial methods of labor, which includes exploitation of children, lack of labor rights, and neglect for safety procedure. Due to this rampant problem among the industry, many companies and brands have shifted towards sustainable practices: methods that aim to decrease dependence on raw resources, the desire for brand new products, the degree of dangerous working conditions, and harm to the environment. Due to sustainable fashion practices being incredibly beneficial to the consumer, the employee, and the environment, numerous brands have shifted into a new and

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