Sustainable Supply Chain

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A framework of sustainable supply chain management: moving toward new theory
Craig R. Carter and Dale S. Rogers
University of Nevada, College of Business Administration, Reno, Nevada, USA
Purpose – The authors perform a large-scale literature review and use conceptual theory building to introduce the concept of sustainability to the field of supply chain management and demonstrate the relationships among environmental, social, and economic performance within a supply chain management context. Design/methodology/approach – Conceptual theory building is used to develop a framework and propositions
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Unfortunately, a review of the literature will show that the term sustainability has been inconsistently defined and applied in the extant research. This lack of an explicit consideration of economic criteria in current models and definitions of LSR and PSR, and the failure to consistently define sustainability and to apply the concepts of sustainability to the field of supply chain management, lead to the following research questions: RQ1. How can the term sustainability be defined and applied to supply chain management? RQ2. Is there a relationship between the integration of the concepts of sustainability and supply chain management, and long-term economic success? More specifically, do firms which engage in sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) practices attain higher economic performance than firms which concentrate solely on economic performance? The answers to these research questions will help to clarify and begin to defuse the debate surrounding the relationship between environmental and social performance on one hand, and economic performance on the other. As noted by Hoffman and Bazerman (2005, p. 16):
The key to resolving this debate is the recognition that (social and environmental) behaviors are
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