Sustainable Wood Flooring

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We all want to do our part to help save our planet. Nevertheless, most of us do not like to be told what we should purchase or what we should not consider purchasing. We have been encouraged to wean ourselves away from incandescent light bulbs, and switch to energy-saving bulbs, which we have now grown accustomed to, and in many cases have come to prefer, but what about flooring? Fortunately, flooring is also an area where you can go green, and do so in style. It is indeed possible to have great looking wood flooring in your home without contributing to worldwide deforestation. Wood Flooring and Sustainable Wood Flooring Your choices are many. Going green does not have to mean going without wood floors to keep trees from being harvested.…show more content…
The cork oak tree itself is the responsible party in this case, as the flooring material comes from bark that is shed from the tree. There is no need to cut a single tree down. The flooring material lies scattered around its base. Cork is also extensively used as core material for engineered wood flooring. Other Types of Sustainable Flooring Engineered wood is another good example of sustainable flooring material, since it only a small percentage of it is solid wood. The rest is scrap or recycled material. The same is true to an even greater extent with laminates. Although supplies are somewhat limited, recycled wood such as antique wood is an option. Old barn wood was once a very popular choice and still is, but old barns are unfortunately not sustainable, and are becoming scarcer with each passing year. There many examples of non-wood sustainable flooring, including stone, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, and of course, carpeting. Many if not most homeowners like to have at least some wood flooring in their homes however. Fortunately, the choices of sustainable wood flooring are many and varied. Have no fear of going green. There are more attractive options available to you than you might
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