Sustainment Gone Hoarding Analysis

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Sustainment Gone Hoarding

For the United States Army, sustainment is process to which is described as the provision of logistics, personnel services, and health service support necessary to maintain operations until successful mission completion (ADP 4-0). This is the premise of the sustainment warfighting function. There are three major elements that make up the core of sustainment which are logistics, personnel services and health services.

The Army has endured many issues as ebbs and flows with this process. It is imperative for any long-term operation to be a sustained warfighting effort. The quality of the force readiness is measured on its ability to be sustained. Sustainment in itself has eight different elements of which each has multiple facets or sub-elements that comprise the system.

My first tour to Afghanistan was at the end of the major push OEF 12-13 and the processes seemed strained. This was more evident on the “road to war” with the garrison environment requiring and requesting weapons,
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I was involved in the retrograde of the Afghanistan theatre of operation and bringing all the outlying FOBs, COPs, and airfields excess material and storage to Bagram in order to sort out stockpiles of part yards and mysterious containers seemingly never opened before. Once sorted it was intention to place the materials back into the supply systems. At one point we had a SSA filled with 40 foot containers, Tricons, and ISU 90s. A literal city of containers. Units had stockpiles of UH-60A/L/M, CH-47F, and OH-58D engines. Some of these had been yellow tagged since 2006. There was stores and stores of rotor blades, vidmar storage containers with every nut, bolt screw and tool, contained chock full of building materials and gym equipment. All brand new. All waiting to be used. Much of which would be going to DRMO as material FOI (found on
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