Sustainment Operations Definition

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Sustainment operations include any of those operations, which are in support of friendly forces as they move through their area of operations. They can include but are not limited to operations at home in peacetime, operations abroad in times of war, and even operations in support of natural disasters Hurricane Katrina, and earthquakes in Nepal for example. Anytime the force is moved sustainment operations allows for the continued movement along the scheme of maneuver. Sustainment operations include the elements of logistics, personnel, and health services in order to ensure operational success (as defined by ADP 4.0.) If you have ever deployed overseas you have witnessed first-hand methods of sustainment. From the aircraft that moved you and your teams, to the ships that tackles the high seas moving heavy equipment and warfighting…show more content…
The sustainment operations need to operate with a level of autonomy, by coordinating with the ground force commander, sustainment operations can begin to anticipate what the needs of those forces are as they move throughout the area of operations. By providing this level of continuity it allows the ground forces the ability to move unhindered. A good example of sustainment operations logistically speaking is what is referred to as a hub and spoke model. Many large corporations operate on this, wherein you will have a central warehouse facility that will serve a region. These warehouse facilities provide a way to take advantage of bulk shipments arriving by way of Air, Rail, or Sea. These bulk shipments can then be broken down and packaged in a more efficient mode of transportation for movement to the individual stores. Now if you apply this to Bases/Fobs worldwide you can see how The Army itself also operates on a similar
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